St. Katharine Drexel Legacy Society

The Saint Katharine Drexel Legacy Society honors individuals who have shared their gifts or made gift intentions for the Roman Catholic Church in Rhode Island known to the Catholic Foundation of Rhode Island. Previous legacy gifts have helped perpetuate our ministry and service to those in need. These gifts are a reflection of deep faith and values and help us in our mission to bring the presence of Jesus Christ and the light of the Gospel into the lives of others.

Saint Katharine Drexel (1858 – 1955), an American Saint, is a model Christian steward who shared her life and her treasure for the service and ministry of others. Born to a wealthy family in Philadelphia, Saint Katharine responded to God’s call to dedicate her life in service to Him and focused her ministry on the plight of African and Native Americans. This heiress founded the religious order of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and used her fortune in support of her work, building schools, churches and paying teachers’ salaries for rural missions.

Pope John Paul II, quoted during her canonization states, “No greater treasure can be found in this world than in following Christ with an undivided heart and in using generously the gifts we have received for the service of others and for the building of a more just and fraternal world.” Stewardship of estate assets is diverse with gifts through wills, trusts, life income gifts, retirement plans, life insurance, outright gifts and others.

Membership to the Saint Katharine Drexel Legacy Society is open to all friends of the Diocese who wish to leave a legacy. If you have made a provision for the Church in your estate planning or wish to receive samples of language for making bequests to the Church, please contact the Catholic Foundation, 401.277.2121, so we may honor and thank you for your stewardship.

The Saint Katharine Drexel Legacy Society honors the individuals who have made gifts during their lifetimes or have otherwise made their gift intentions known to the Catholic Foundation of Rhode Island. It is a testament to their faith.

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Legacy Society Members

Anonymous Gifts (17)
The Donnelly Family
The Cavanagh Family
Mr. & Mrs. John Accinno
Mr. & Mrs. John Adams
Mr. Arthur Albino, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Terrence W. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Richard August
Ms. Shirley L. Barone
Dr. John Baxter & Mrs. M. Rachel Sousa Baxter
Ms. Madeleine C. Beaudin
Ms. M. Cecile Beaumier
Rev. Gerald E. Beirne
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice A. Bissonnette
Dr. Alphonse R. Cardi
Mr. Richard F. Carolan
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Cavanagh
Dr. & Mrs. Edward F. Chellel
Major & Mrs. Edward J. Collins
Ms. Mary C. Connolly
The Curren Family
The Di Cola Family
Ms. Elizabeth A. D’Amico
Ms. Gloria E. Del Papa
Mr. Stephen J. DiPrete
Mr. & Mrs. Americo Don Francesco
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew I. Douglass
Rev. John D. Dreher
Ms. Amelia P. Dunn
Rev. Robert D. Ethier
Mr. Daniel Ernst
Dr. John Falino
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Fogarty, Jr.
Deacon & Mrs. Robert Gallo
Rev. Arthur T. Geoghegan
Rev. Robert J. Giardina
Rev. Francis J. Giudice
Ms. Agnes R. Gruodis
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gruneberg
Mr. & Mrs. A. Roger Guillemette
Mr. Anthony T. Gwiazdowski
Dr. Daniel S. Harrop, III
Rev. Joseph P. Heaney
Rev. Ralph R. Hogan
Mr. & Mrs. John Hudson
Ms Carol Hunt
Rev. James P. Hynes
Mr. Thomas J. Jacquard
Ms Elizabeth M. Kelley
Mr. Joseph J. Kirby
Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Krue
Ms. Marie J. Langlois
Rev. John J. Lavin
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph G. Lawrence
Ms. Gloria L. Lincourt
Ms. Lillian Magee Lloyd, Esq.
Ms. Hilda S. Macedo
Rev. Charles E. Maher
Mr. Roger L. Mailhot
Rev. Roger L. Marot
Rev. Richard C. Maynard
The McCaffrey Family
Rev. Edward J. McGovern
Ms. Rose P. McHale
Mr. William P. McKenna
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. McQuade
Rev. William F. Murphy
The Nardolillo Family
Ms. Phyllis A. Nigris
Ms. Mary E. Nolan
Ms. Catherine T. Norton
Rev. Francis W. O’Hara
Mr. Carl W. Otto
Mr. & Mrs. Ceasar J. Parise
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph E. Petrucci
Mr.Thomas Pisaturo
Mr. Louis Porretta
Ms. Margherita L. Puerini
Rev. David F. Ricard
Rev. Robert J. Randall
Ms. Lucy J. Rosati
Ms. Anna O. Rotondo
Dr. Paul Ruggieri
Ms. Monica P. Sawyer
Mr. Francis J. Scavitto
Rev. Msgr. Richard D. Sheahan
Mr. & Mrs.ThomasJ. Skala
Rev. Nicholas P. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Neal F. Smith
Brother Thomas Steinke
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Sullivan, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Sullivan
Ms. Olive T. Sweeney
Mr. Joseph E. Terry
Rev. Raymond A. Tetreault
Rev. Raymond C. Theroux
Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. Theroux
Dr. & Mrs. Francis R. Trainor
Ms. M. Gladys Trainor
The Twitchell Family
Mr. J. Raymond Vadnais
Rev. Normand W. Valois
Rev. Msgr. William I. Varsanyi
Mrs. Laura A. Webb
Miss Virginia A. Wilcox

* Died in 2010-2011
New Member

Gifts or intentions made after June 30, 2011 will be acknowledged in the 2011/2012 Annual Report.


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