Keep the Heat On

Dear Friend,

The bitter cold of the long, Rhode Island winter is now here. Sadly, that means many of our most vulnerable neighbors are left to face a tough decision:

Use what little resources they have to put food on the table to feed themselves, their children, or their families...or somehow get the heat they’ll need to survive the dangerous, cold of the winter months.

Since 2005, the Diocese of Providence has helped seniors, children, families, and individuals pay for their heating bills to keep warm each winter. But without generous support from caring Catholics like you, our neighbors are forced to choose between food and heat.

That’s why we need your help to Keep the Heat On for Rhode Islanders in need.

When Bishop Tobin established Keep the Heat On to help struggling Rhode Islanders with nowhere else to turn to keep warm...we never imagined the Diocese would provide over $2.1 million in heating assistance to over 9,600 Rhode Islanders in just 11 years.

Although high energy costs may have come down, many of Rhode Island’s elderly, single parents, and hard-working families with limited income continue to struggle with everyday expenses. During the winter months...the additional price of staying warm pushes heating costs well beyond reach.

That means making tough choices. It means spending days and nights struggling in a frigid home...parents huddled together with their children...seniors who are scared and alone, wrapped in blankets, towels, or anything they can find to help fight the bone-chilling cold that, to most of us, is only felt outdoors.

Thanks to you and other generous, caring Rhode Island Catholics and supporters of the Catholic Charity Appeal, Keep The Heat On is helping many of our neighbors keep warm this winter. But we can’t do it without you.

Will you please donate the 2016 Catholic Charity Appeal and support our many ministries, including Keep the Heat On, to help our Rhode Island neighbors who need us most?

Many who struggle in Rhode Island are faced with difficult choices every single day. Choices most of us hope to never have to make to simply survive. I hope you’ll support the Catholic Charity Appeal today and help our Rhode Island neighbors who have nowhere else to turn.

God bless you.

Robert Spirito
Catholic Charity Appeal
Diocese of Providence





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