Please Donate to the Catholic Charity Appeal

Dear Friend,

If you were to meet Herbert, an elderly Rhode Island man, you might wonder how he’s survived for so long.

He spends his days alone, roaming the streets of Providence, looking for cover from the cold, rain, snow, or heat.

He’s not sure where or when he was born. He doesn’t know if he has a family, or ever had a wife...or a child.

The truth is, we don’t know if “Herbert” is even his real name. In fact, some days, he asks the staff at Emmanuel House in Providence to call him “Anastasia.” But most of the time, he just goes by “Herbert.”

The only thing Herbert knows for sure is the doors of Emmanuel House are open for him every night at 7 o’clock. Dementia has stolen his memory, but God leads him to those who care for him. 

Thanks to our generous Rhode Island Catholic community, Herbert has a comfortable bed waiting for him every night. But to Herbert and others like him, Emmanuel House is much more than just a bed. It’s a place to be safe, to get a warm, healthy meal...a shower...and clean clothes. 

Without Rhode Islanders like you to support the Diocese of Providence’s many ministries, Emmanuel House likely wouldn’t exist. Herbert and so many others like him would have nowhere to turn.

That’s why I hope you'll donate to the Catholic Charity Appeal today.

Sadly, because Herbert has lived on the streets for so long, he no longer has proof he even exists. That means he can’t get help from the government. He can’t get SNAP benefits (food stamps). And he can’t get health care outside of emergencies.

He can’t even get a disability pass to ride the bus, which means unless someone from the staff can find him on the streets to give him a ride, he makes the long walk each night to Emmanuel House. 

Please consider a generous donation to the 2016 Catholic Charity Appeal to help Herbert and so many of Rhode Island’s elderly, children, families, and all those in need who depend on generous Catholics like you to support Emmanuel House and the many ministries of the Diocese of Providence. Thank you.

God bless you,
Robert Spirito
Catholic Charity Appeal
Diocese of Providence

P.S. The 2016 Catholic Charity Appeal is soon coming to a close. A gift of any size makes a difference for so many within our own state who need your help the most. Every so often we hear from donors who share what it means to donate to help others through the Catholic Charity Appeal. I’ve included a recent email below from one of our younger donors:






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