Young mothers with nowhere to turn...

"Whoever cares for the poor lends to the Lord, 
who will pay back the sum in full.”

- Proverbs 19:17

Dear Friend,

New and soon-to-be mothers will celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, grateful for the gift God has given them. But many of these young women will face the day, and the days ahead, alone, without a friend or even a family member to turn to … without the resources they need to raise a baby or young child.

When you donate to the 2017 Catholic Charity Appeal you’re helping mothers like Hannah Tower, who come to St. Gabriel’s, a ministry of the Diocese of Providence, to get the help they need during pregnancy and in their early years as a parent.

Hannah first came to St. Gabriel’s Call after escaping an abusive relationship. Just over five months pregnant, she was scared and alone.

She didn’t have a crib. She couldn’t afford clothes or diapers for her baby. But when Hannah walked through the doors of the Diocese of Providence, the help she was hoping for was inside. 

“I met with Antonio at St. Gabriel’s Call. He was so helpful,” said Hannah. “He listened to me. Then he went into the back and came out with diapers for my baby. He gave us a bassinet. He told me not to worry.

"After I had my baby, he called to see how I was and if I needed anything. For the first time in a very long time, I wasn’t alone.”

Will you please donate today and help young mothers like Hannah, who depend on generous Catholics like you to support the ministries of the Diocese of Providence? Your donation provides resources to help Rhode Islanders in need, from young mothers to our state’s vulnerable seniors, to children and their families, and so many others who depend on the ministries of the Diocese.

When you support the Catholic Charity Appeal, you help provide food, shelter, heat, a place to sleep, education, and so many needs that would go unmet without our generous Catholic community.

Today, Hannah is getting back on her feet. She’s donated her baby’s bassinet and clothes to help other mothers in need. She said she plans on volunteering to “give back, the way the Diocese and the generous Catholic community gave to me.”

“Sometimes you feel like you have nobody, but it’s nice to know the Diocese of Providence is there for you.” said Hannah.

I hope you will donate to the Catholic Charity Appeal today. Thank you for helping Hannah, and so many Rhode Islanders in need, who are grateful for caring people like you who support the Diocese.


Robert Spirito
Associate Director
Office of Stewardship & Development
Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence

P.S. The 2017 Catholic Charity Appeal will end next month. Please help us meet our 2017 goal by donating today. Your donation means we can help our neighbors throughout Rhode Island who look to the Diocese of Providence when there’s nowhere else to turn. Thank you. 






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