The Catholic Charity Appeal Has a Positive Impact on the People and the Catholic Community.

Each year the funds raised by the Catholic Charity Appeal are used to support a variety of agencies and programs that meet the spiritual, educational and social needs of our sister and brothers in Rhode Island. These programs offer assistance to people of all races, creeds and backgrounds and often are an essential lifeline to the people who are served.

A stringent budget process that includes a review by advisory boards made up of lay and clergy leaders ensures that each program is utilizing its funds both efficiently and effectively. All allocations made by the Catholic Charity Appeal are reviewed and approved by the Diocesan Finance Council before they reach the Most Reverend Bishop.

In addition, the Catholic Charity Fund is included in the annual audit of diocesan central administration funds. This audit, which is conducted by Ernst & Young, utilizes the highest professional accounting standards. The results of the annual audit are published each year in the Providence Visitor and are available for review by request.

The following are the programs/agencies funded by the Appeal:

Catholic Education, Spiritual Formation and Evangelization

Catholic School Office, Tuition Assistance, Office of Evangelization & Faith Formation, Campus Ministry, Apostolate for the Handicapped, Office of Catholic Youth Ministry, Father Marot CYO Center, Rejoice in Hope Youth Center, Mother of Hope Day Camp (Mater Spei), Saint John Bosco Chapel (Yawgoog Scout Reservation), Office of Black Catholic Ministry.

Catholic Charities and Social Ministry

AIDS Ministry, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Social Services of Rhode Island (with satellite offices in Newport, Wakefield, West Warwick & Woonsocket), Community Advocacy, Diocesan Clearinghouse, Heath Care Ministry, Immigration and Refugee Services, Interfaith Program, Parish Outreach, Project Hope/Proyectro Esperanza, Saint Martin de Porres Center, Prison Ministry, Respite Care Services, Saint Antoine Residence, The Villa at Saint Antoine, Saint Clare Home, Life and Family Ministry (The Gabriel Project, Natural Family Planning, Project Rachel, Respect Life, Marriage Preparation, Divorce & All Other Losses), Hispanic Ministry Office, Family Child Care Assistance Program

Planning and Finance

Office of the Catholic Charity Appeal

Catholic Education, Spiritual Formation and Evangelization

Catholic schools’ success lies in their mission of blending Christian tradition and values together with the teaching of skills and knowledge.

In its fourth year, the Providence Catholic Schools Collaborative, a grouping of four elementary schools, continues to provide an education for inner-city school children. Currently, over nine hundred students benefit from the Collaborative’s ability to pool resources and to create a stronger presence. A newly formed Board of Directors guides the progress and promising future for the schools.

Each year, as a result of your generosity, more high school students receive tuition assistance to study at one of the ten Catholic high schools in our diocese. This opportunity affords them an unparalleled advantage that fosters the drive to academically succeed now and throughout their college experience.

Catholic schools throughout our diocese take pride in that 98% of our students complete their secondary education and 95% of those graduates continue their education at the college level.

College students also benefit from the mission of the Secretariat for Catholic Education and Evangelization. The young adults are provided with wisdom, guidance and support throughout their formative years from campus ministries. Every Rhode Island College, both public and private, is staffed with Catholic chaplains.

Thousands of children and young adults from all over the diocese receive religious education instruction within their parishes. All CCD programs are subsidized with Catholic Charity funds. The diocesan office of religious education assists parishes in recruiting and training instructors and provides resources for the classroom. Additionally, each year all instructors are encouraged to take advantage of an educational seminar sponsored by the office.

In response to fulfilling our Christian lives as stewards, more parishioners pursue the call to serve their communities as lay ministers or permanent deacons. The Office of Ministerial Formation hones their knowledge of the faith and church doctrine through formal instruction so they may better serve their parish community. Likewise, diocesan clergy utilize the office as a resource of Catholic education ministry.

Young Adult Ministry has a special focus from this Secretariat.

Since 1994, parishes have developed programs for young adults searching for spirituality and community in their lives. A council has been formed to assist parishes in establishing and maintaining these programs. Leadership opportunities are also provided for those interested.

A team of thirty-five members concentrates on conducting the Coming Home, Moving on in Faith and the Called and Gifted missions to area parishes. A fourth mission entitled, Renewed in Spirit, has been recently developed. These missions train volunteers who work to foster a sense of community within each parish.

The ministry to Black Catholics and Hispanic Ministry strive to encourage active participation from each population. Both ministries are challenged to increase leadership and participation for the enrichment of our community. The Office of Black Catholics hosts annual events such as Kwanza and Kujenga and leads the Diocesan Ecumenical Gospel Choir. The population served by the Hispanic Ministry Office has doubled over the last ten years and subsequently, so has the need for greater outreach.

The Diocesan Office of Youth Ministry, with the Regional Youth Centers, Catholic Scouting Programs and Camps, exists to serve all parishes. Opportunities include leadership training, such as the Youth Christian Leadership and Youth Ministry Institutes; spiritual development and formation occasions including retreats, youth congress and weekly prayer meetings and gathering activities like dances, picnics and conferences.

The demands of our daily lives consume us from morning to night. Between family responsibilities and careers, we rarely find time for our own spirituality. The Secretariat for Catholic Education and Evangelization works to reverse that trend and assists individuals in nurturing a personal, stronger relationship for ourselves with Christ. Each area of education and evangelization ensures that our Catholic values permeate our Rhode Island community.

Programs within the Secretariat include:

Catholic School Office, Office of Religious Education, Campus Ministry, Apostolate for the Handicapped, Office of Ministerial Formation, Tuition Assistance, Hispanic Ministry Office, Office of Youth Ministry, Regional Youth Centers, Office of Evangelization, Our Lady of Peace Spiritual Life Center, Office of Black Catholic Ministry, Young Adult Ministry.

Catholic Charities and Social Ministry

The mission of the Secretariat for Social Ministry in the Diocese of Providence is to follow the example of Jesus Christ by sharing His life of service with the people of God. Their quality of service is proof of the belief that all human life is sacred and deserves respect and protection on its journey to eternal life.

Furthermore, the neediest among us, those of all races and ethnic backgrounds, shall have a priority claim on services available whenever possible.

Every day, the Secretariat for Social Ministry serves a variety of God’s people. Whether it is an immigrant family new to our country looking for guidance and assistance, or an elderly person looking for home health care, the Secretariat supports them and avails their services to them.

The Office of Immigration and Refugee Services provides comprehensive, efficient services to indigent and low-income immigrants and refugees. Men, women and children from developing nations are given the guidance and support necessary to learn English, establish residency and prepare for the citizenship test. Immigrant families are often afforded better opportunities for employment together with the basics of more food and habitable shelter.

The interfaith Community Dire Emergency Fund is called upon to assist people who have fallen upon difficult times in their lives. Obtaining food or medical supplies for infants, assisting a single parent with their many demands or supporting the elderly, this fund has helped many individuals during desperate times of their lives.

Catholic Social Services of Rhode Islandoffers educational, social and advocacy services to minorities, the elderly, the poor and the infirmed. Care is provided for those afflicted with AIDS and other illnesses when they have exhausted other resources. The Neighborhood Friendly Visitors Program trains volunteers to visit and offer companionship to homebound individuals. Pastoral counseling and support services are provided to our incarcerated brothers and sisters. A diocesan clearinghouse assesses parish and community needs ensuring that each area has an adequate number of volunteers available to support the required services from the Secretariat.

Programs within the Secretariat include: AIDS Ministry, Catholic Campaign for human development, Community Advocacy, Diocesan Clearinghouse, Immigration and Refugee Services, Interfaith Community Dire Emergency Fund, Justice and Peace Education, Neighborhood Friendly Visitors Program, Prison Ministry and Respite Care Services.

Secretariat for Ministerial Services

Under the auspices of the Secretariat for Ministerial Services the Catholic Charity Fund supports the following programs:

The Office for Health Care Ministries provides Chaplaincy programs at all of the hospitals in the State of Rhode Island. Touching literally tens of thousands each year, Hospital Chaplains visit the sick, counsel families, provide spiritual and sacramental support and bring the light of Christ into peoples lives at a time when they need Him most. Chaplains are priests, deacons and religious sisters whose ministry brings them in contact with people in a unique and sensitive way.

The Office for Clergy Formation provides continuing education experiences for diocesan priests and deacons that enable them to provide more effective ministry to the people of God. This office provides opportunities for priests to attend a variety of seminars, retreats, theological, spiritual, pastoral and professional education programs and other similar offerings to allow them to continue to grow and learn throughout their years of ministry.

Major Seminary Education Grants provide support for young men attending major seminaries throughout the world as they continue their education and formation in becoming a priest of the Diocese of Providence.

The Diocese of Providence is currently blessed with 27 men who are in various stages of collegiate and major seminary education. Major seminary constitutes the final four years of priestly education and formation just prior to ordination to the priesthood. These young men will become the pastors of the future and will lead the next generation of Rhode Island Catholics in building up the Body of Christ in our community.

Haitian and Hispanic Clergy support provides resources to support a number of clergy in our diocese who minister to these growing ethnic communities. Often serving parishes with limited resources these grants support these priests in their service to the inner-city and immigrant communities.

Grants and Property Management

In addition to supporting Catholic Charity Fund agencies and programs the Grants program of the Catholic Charity Fund Appeal provides resources ministries at the diocesan and local level that are of special need. Inner-city parishes with special social ministry outreach needs that go beyond the resources of the parish, local mission efforts within Rhode Island, social ministry efforts that are in collaboration with other local churches and other similar efforts are supported through this portion of the Catholic Charity Fund.

Property Management grants are utilized to ensure that the facilities of our Catholic Charity Fund agencies receive the support they need. While we recognize that this area of funding does not always supply as much support as needed, every effort is made to prioritize the needs of each agency property and make all necessary and critical repairs.

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