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The ANCHOR OF HOPE FUNDS for Catholic Education

The Anchor of Hope Funds are an opportunity to improve young lives by providing Catholic education to working families.

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Not all parents have the means to choose the school they believe is best for their children, especially when it comes to provide them an education rich in the Catholic faith.  

Some parents feel their children are trapped into attending schools in their zip code or neighborhood.  Many children feel trapped, too.  They would love to join their friends who attend Catholic elementary schools.  

Instead, because of their parents’ limited means or because they cannot seem to win the charter school lotteries, they may find themselves consigned to unsafe or under-performing schools.  

Here is where you can make a difference!  Be a partner in providing the path to access, choice and quality.  Stand in solidarity with struggling families.  Stand with children and young men and women who dream of attending a Catholic school.  Stand for a student’s success in a safe, high-performing, faith-filled school.  

The Anchor of Hope Funds for Catholic Education provide several ways to help deserving students in the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Providence:  

Anchor of Hope INNER-CITY FUND

The Anchor of Hope Inner-City Fund provides up to 90% of a student’s tuition for parents whose family income means they could never think of sending their children to a safe, quality Catholic school.  For these parents and children, the Anchor of Hope Inner-City Fund makes dreams come true. Donors to the Inner-City Fund can select the inner-city school where they wish to support students through their gifts.


The Anchor of Hope Investing in our Future Fund provides struggling, middle income families that little extra they need to make Catholic education a reality.  Too often, even with the help of school and parish-based aid, today’s hard-working parents can’t realistically afford Catholic school tuition.  The Investing in Our Future Fund provides up to 25% of a child’s tuition needs—that extra that makes all the difference.

Anchor of Hope MERCY FUND

The Anchor of Hope Mercy Fund provides short-term emergency tuition assistance to families who are going through a financial crisis caused by recent unemployment, loss of a family business, foreclosure of the family home, loss of apartment, sudden illness or death in the family.  During personal financial storms, the Mercy Fund helps keeps families anchored safely in the Catholic schools of their choice.


The Anchor of Hope 21st Century Endowment Fund ensures that there will always be tuition assistance for families with demonstrated financial need.  The 21st Century Endowment Fund helps families with calculated need who desire to send their children to Catholic schools—schools they know will give their children a safe, quality education in the faith.

Through a Memorial Gift to the 21st Century Endowment Fund, donors can honor and remember a special loved one who has passed away. The endowment goal is $2,000,000. Donors to a 21st Century Endowment Fund can select the school where they wish to support students through the endowment.

Anchor of Hope Providence Fund

The Anchor of Hope Providence Fund is named for Our Lady of Providence, special patroness of the Diocese.  Student recipients of this fund must be baptized Catholics.  This fund helps ensure that no Catholic child will be excluded from a Catholic school in the Diocese for a lack of financial assistance.

Even more ways to help give a Catholic school education:

Anchor of Hope Matching Gifts

Many employers offer employees a matching gift program.  Some companies also extend this opportunity to retirees and/or spouses.  The impact of a matched gift to The Anchor of Hope may be doubled or even tripled by the generosity of a company matching gift program.  To find out if a company has a matching gift policy, please use this form and enter your employer’s name.  

For companies that do take part in this program, please request a matching gift form and send it completed and signed with a gift to:

The Anchor of Hope Fund
Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence
One Cathedral Square, Providence, RI 02903

Anchor of Hope Milestone Gifts 

Is someone having a special birthday or anniversary? Pay tribute to friends and family with a donation to The Anchor of Hope Fund.  We will send a card acknowledging this invaluable gift. Contact The Anchor of Hope Director Rich Popovic at 401-277-2115. 


If your place of business participates in an annual United Way Campaign, you can designate ‘The Anchor of Hope’ as the direct recipient of your contribution. Simply write in ‘The Anchor of Hope Fund’ on the ‘Specific Requests’ section of your United Way pledge forms. 

The Anchor of Hope Funds for Catholic Education are available to students with demonstrated need who have applied and been accepted, or are currently enrolled, at a school in the Diocese of Providence.  The Anchor of Hope Funds does not discriminate on the basis of sex, ethnicity, race, or national origin.

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Thank you for caring about a child’s education in a Catholic school!





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